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Kings Peak Uinta Mountains: August 2012

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Big Horn Mountains: August 2011

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Mt. Lovenia Uinta Mountains: August 2010

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Three Sisters Wilderness: August 2008

This year I was very fortunate to join my hiking buddies (David, Dave and Brad) for another amazing trip out west. We would do the Three Sisters Wilderness near Bend, Oregon. For those who do not know Oregon, the Sisters are three volcanos, each over 10,000 feet. In addition to the Sisters, there are numerous other peaks in the wilderness area named similarly…the Husband, Wife, Mt Bachelor (also a ski resort) and so forth. The Sisters are part of the long chain of volcanos stretching from CA to WA and beyond including Mt Hood, Rainier, St. Helens, Adams, and more.

As an added bonus, Rich Ayers, an old friend from High School first grade! contacted me just before the hike and let me know he lived in Portland  (I went to a twelve year all boy private school…that likely explains a lot). So I made arrangements to fly into Portland (instead of SLC as I normally would) and hang out before the hike with Rich and his wife Gina.


See if you can find me in this picture, circa 1977, maybe 3rd grade or 4th?
(first row, far right)
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Leadville 100: The Race Across The Sky!


When most people think of a long race, they think of a marathon, 26.2 miles run on a flat paved surface.

But there are much longer races than a marathon….
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Maroon Bells and the Leadville 100: August 2007

On Monday, August 13th, I flew to Salt Lake City to meet up with Davy Crockett, Brad Clements, and David Hansen for our annual “man trip” into the woods. As best we can remember, this is the 13th annual meeting of our group aptly named “A bunch of Mormons and a Jew”…..me being the jewish guy.

In years past we have visited many amazing places in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, California, and Arizona. This year we would hit Colorado for the first time and hike the Four Passes Loop trail near Aspen. The trail is in an area called the Maroon Bells and is a loop trail which circumnavigates the main feature of the area, Colorado’s 27th highest peak, Maroon Peak which stands at 14,156 feet.

Maroon Peak BW

Maroon Peak from Maroon Lake

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Running the Grand Canyon: May 2006

Our good friend Davy Crockett who used to bring up the rear of our hiking group (with me) started running in these crazy 100 mile races back in 2005 called Ultra Marathons. In order to train for these races which cover 100 miles (duh!) and 1000’s of vertical feet, he often ran the Grand Canyon.

Davy is in exceptional shape and knows his body very well….and his limits. No one should really do this alone (like Davy) nor venture out into the GC without proper training and know how. It is just way to dangerous. But given that Davy had done this many times and that the rest of us would only be going half the distance Davy was going, we felt confident we could do it.

Do it? Do what? Well, Davy’s plan was start at 1am and to run from the South Rim along the Bright Angel Trail down to the bottom and cross the Colorado River at Phantom Ranch. He would then continue up to the North Rim on the N. Kabob trail. Once he got to the North Rim, well he had to get back home…..no car shuttle involved. Just turn around and run back the other way!
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Grand Gulch and The Grand Canyon: May 2006

Grand Gulch was a very different hike than I had ever been on before. We had done many hikes in the southern Utah high dessert but this hike was very different as it had a number of Anasazi cliff dwellings from the time of 1200BC to 1300AD to explore along the route.

The trailhead is in the southern most part of Utah near the towns of Blanding and Mexican Hat. There is a ranger station along RTE 261 where you can get a pass to stay in the back country. And if you want, you can even start your hike from there. But we dumped a car and started at the southern entrance instead.

We began hiking down a small sandy path which quickly gave way to some moderate canyon country. Not too long after, it started to rain! No kidding, rain in the high dessert! And not just a little rain, but a steady cold rain. Luckily we were just about at the first set of ruins and decided to climb up to explore in the nice sheltered area above.

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The Lost Coast of CA: Waves of Unusual Size and Force

California is a long way from Salt Lake City so I decided to fly from DC out to San Fransisco and rent a car and meet the crew there instead of endure the 12+ hour drive. After about a 4 hour drive north, I found myself in Shelter Cove, CA. A small town right on the Pacific Ocean with a resturaunt or two and a landing strip. How many days of the year could they actually use the strip with all the marine fog in that area? I don’t know. But it was there and very well maintained.

Shortly after I arrived, the SLC crew got in and we dined at the Shelter Cove Restaurant. Food was good as I recall. But the view and sunset was to die for! Now I know why people lived here.

We made camp on the beach just north of town. The beach was small rounded stone and it was actually quite comfortable. We needed to stay there in order to get our bear canisters and back country permits at the office in the morning before our LONG drive to our starting point, about 30 miles north.

The next day we set out for the backcountry office and got all squared away with our bear canisters and tide charts and everything we would need for our adventure.
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Wind Rivers II: Titcomb Lakes and Freemont Peak

In July 2004 we embarked on our second trip to the wonder Wind River range in Wyoming. The first time we went we wondered the northern edge of the park. This time it would be an out and back in the center of the park not far from the big town of Pinedale, WY.

After stopping in Pinedale for a bit, we drove up towards the trailhead which was off of Fremont Lake. But on the way up we saw a sign for dinner on Half Moon Lake. I think it was called the Half Moon Lake Resort, but my memory fails me now. Anyway, we enjoyed a nice steak dinner and I even had a glass of wine all while over looking a beautiful lake with boats and water skiing. Someday I thought I might return for a week or forever 😉

After a nice dinner, we continued up the main road (Skyline Dr) along Fremont Lake till we reached the end and a small campground at 9200 feet. We made camp and enjoyed the sunset.
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