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Muddy Creek Utah

My approach to this years spring canyon hike was a bit different to say the least. The week prior to the hike, my wife and I went to Las Vegas! We ate, drank and gambled while we took in shows by Blue Man and Penn and Teller. Not quite the way I usually prepare for a week in the backcountry. Well, I did rent a Jeep TJ….so I guess that counts for something.

After our week of vice, Rylan flew home and I drove to Hanksville to meet up with the guys for our hike down Muddy Creek. On the way I drove through heavy snow and winds on the way up through Zion NP and towards Escalante NM. At times it was down right freezing in my Jeep as I had no rear windows (the guy said they had been stolen). So imagine cruising along at 60mph over 9000 ft passes with it snowing an inch an hour. Even with the heat up all the way, it was cold.
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