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Wind Rivers II: Titcomb Lakes and Freemont Peak

In July 2004 we embarked on our second trip to the wonder Wind River range in Wyoming. The first time we went we wondered the northern edge of the park. This time it would be an out and back in the center of the park not far from the big town of Pinedale, WY.

After stopping in Pinedale for a bit, we drove up towards the trailhead which was off of Fremont Lake. But on the way up we saw a sign for dinner on Half Moon Lake. I think it was called the Half Moon Lake Resort, but my memory fails me now. Anyway, we enjoyed a nice steak dinner and I even had a glass of wine all while over looking a beautiful lake with boats and water skiing. Someday I thought I might return for a week or forever 😉

After a nice dinner, we continued up the main road (Skyline Dr) along Fremont Lake till we reached the end and a small campground at 9200 feet. We made camp and enjoyed the sunset.
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