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About The Group

In much the same way as our journeys have varied over the years, so has the group of friends. The core group of four has ventured out together almost every year. But it’s not really about anything religous, it just happens to be that Carl Hutzler (me!) is the only non-mormon in the group and Jewish! So there you have it…many mormons and a Jewish guy. But here is the long-ish list of people who have joined us from year-to-year.

  • Brad Clements and his sons (Kyle, ? ?)
  • David Hansen
  • Dave Crockett and his son ( ? )
  • Carl Hutzler (The Jewish Guy)
  • Kim Ashcroft and his son ( ? )
  • Dave Kenison
  • Bruce Craygun
  • Gary (quiet guy) ?
  • who else?

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